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vrijdag 21 april 2017

What I would like to see for the future of Lolita Fashion

With the shocking news about Kera and GLB stopping with the production of their magazines. People think Harajuku fashion is dying. But I don't think it will ever come to this point.
The fashion is evolving and is spreading across the world with more people joining the communities everyday. 

Though what the future of Lolita fashion will be is going to be a big mystery but we can always dream about it. 

For the future of Lolita fashion I would like to see the comeback of the free spirits. Not in a hippy way but more in the way where people can express themselves without the fear of being not good enough. A lot of the people I speak have a general fear when it comes to attending meetings or events about their coords. Thoughts like "Am I dressed good enough for this event?" "I'm going to be so underdressed" "What will they think of my coord" etc. I feel like this is becoming a big play factor for events. Not that it is a bad thing, it surely brings the best of everyones abilities to coord into the world. But for new ladies and men that just started out feel a certain pressure to get started. 

Other than a change in mindset and the pressure we put on ourselves and the ones on the secret sites bashing on everyones coord I would like to see more lower waistlines. These days I feel like the waistlines of dresses are getting higher and higher. I guess it is the trend now of wearing high waisted or empire waist dresses, but girl ain't nobody looks good in that. Maybe people with small breasts or a small ribcage can rock these dresses but a lot of the western population doesn't fit in this category including me. 

I don't think I would like to change the fashion to much over time cause I really like the way it is going right now. Maybe slowing down the releasing of new prints, Angelic Pretty is pretty good at releasing prints around the clock! As well as the Taobao market brings up new releases almost everyday. I have the feeling that lolita fashion is becoming some sort of fast fashion, especially with the indie brands on Taobao. Not so much with the Japanese brands but still, do people still look for old pieces or dream dresses? I know for sure that I prefer older pieces over the new releases most of the time. 

Lolita fashion will change over time but because of the huge following here in the west I don't think it will change drastically. We still follow the rules about the general shape, not to much skin showing and a proper way of dressing. These rules will guide us through every evolution of this fashion and our love for frilly dresses will never change for most of us I think. 

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5 reacties:

  1. As you know, I share your opinion ♥ And it moved me to tears because we did not talk about what we were writing before posting, and reading that I'm not the only one who think like that makes me hope that things will change someday ♥

    Also, +100000 for the lower waist lines!!!

    Love U ♥

  2. 100% agree with everything. I just browsed through some KERA, FRUiTS and GLB copies that I have and found so much inspiration in how (especially in the first two magazines) people photographed clearly love the fashion they wear and enjoy playing with it, regardless of whether it looks like straight from the catwalk (I felt particularly enamoured with this one shot in FRUiTS where the girl pictured has some dust on her shoes - because they're made for walking, duh!). I seem to hear a fair few people say that they'd like the more casual tone of Lolita fashion to return and for people to stop obsessing over perfection, but I think that this is already happening, it's just that there are fewer platforms for people to share their more casual outfits. CoF seems kinda taken over by bigger outfits (and has a bit of an issue with perfection and sticking to 'the rules'), Tumblr puts people off with misappropriating the Lolita fashion tag and you're kind of just left with Instagram, but even there not everyone seems comfortable sharing their more casual outfits. If we could create an environment in Lolita fashion where people would feel that their casual and/or experimental coords are just as valued and desired as the OTT tea party outfits, we'd all benefit from the flood of inspiring people.
    And yes, lower waists, please! My Sheherazade JSK with the lower waist is such a flattering fit, but there aren't many dresses with this kind of cut - and in fact, there are more and more high-waist and empire cuts coming out. Please, brands, stahp!

    1. It would be so nice if we had a place where we could share our more casual coord. But I've noticed that CoF is starting to share more casual coords too. Which is really nice. Instagram is pretty hard to see new coords if you don't follow the person, I really like that platform but it's not as easy to scroll through as CoF
      Hopefully this new movement for casual coords will continue to grow over time

  3. I agree on prints, I don't need more of them, but it is hard to find more simple in style with out being covered in prints. Even the rise of solids lately it definely not the simple cuts is coming out. I simply don't like highwaisted Empire/sack dresses, but I simply switched to skirts.


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