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vrijdag 12 mei 2017

What sort of Tutorials I would like to see more of

Tutorials, the best thing about is that they explain how you can do it yourself. Though the step to actually making or recreating the project is a huge one. Especially for myself, I really like DIY things but I rarely make the step to making it myself. My Pinterest page is full of lovely projects both for lolita as well as everyday life but only a handful is actually used.

This made me rethink a bit about the tutorials you find online and the ones I miss the most. I've made a few hairstyle tutorials, make up and DIY ones but those aren't on a high demand because there are a lot of beauty channels on Youtube doing magical things. Though I keep making those because I like making them in general.

Coordinations, where to start?

While make up and hairstyle tutorials are really handy for lolita fashion and defining your style I do notice a lack in the coordination department.
There aren't many tutorials online for building a cohesive wardrobe or how to make a coord work. Using different themes in your coord or how to pick the right color that goes with your coord.
So my first wish for a tutorial would be a coordination tutorials. I'm thinking about making either a video or blogpost about this topic on how I make my coords. How I decide what items to use and what the key points are when choosing your coord.

Storage and hacks

Regarding coords and all the items we have there isn't much information about organising and storing clothes. I've seen some packing tutorials online which really help a lot but there aren't many DIY projects or hacks for storing your precieus items.
Currently I'm still working on my own dressing room that is completely for my lolita clothes. And I'm planning on doing a "room tour" or storing post about that in the future.

Social events, a survival guide

It would be nice to have some tutorials or how to's about bigger events, first meetings and getting in contact with other lolita enthusiasts. I think this would be a great help for new people or if you are ready to attend your first big event. If those things are new to you it's very easy to get overwhelmed by the atmosphere and the fact that you don't know that many people or that you have the feeling that you are the odd one in the room. Having a little inside into these events will help to lower the fear of attending meetings.

I think that these three are my top picks for tutorials, general information and having tips and tricks about this. On my blog I already have my Frills for all section that I started for informative reasons and to help out a bit. While making this post made me rethink the value of information about the fashion, in the old days we where referred to the Lolita handbook which is located on Livejournal. It covers the basic information about the fashion, though it is very dated the information on it is still accurate since this fashion looks still the same. Style have come and go but the basics are the same.
With this post I'm going to start of with my own version of the lolita handbook with an updated twist and my own view on the fashion. Some of my blogpost in the future will cover lolita basics and tutorials to help you out with coords, posing, events and much more. This way my Frills for all section will grow a bit bigger and help out more people that want to learn a bit more about the fashion.

Is this something that you would like to see too? Please let me know in the comments below!

See you next time,
Poppy xox

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  1. Coording tutorials, or just videos/posts explaining why you put certain things together, would be so good. I love reading/watching those, but there aren't that many, they're either non-existent or more OOTD shots which just show details without explaining the logic behind them.
    As for the event survival ones, I remember that last year, before my first TPC (and first big Lolita) event I listened quite carefully to The Tea podcast made by Lolitas from my local comm. One episode had a segment specifically dedicated to big events and what to do or not to do, so I took quite a few mental notes from there. But a refresher or a separate thing that's easier to link as a resource would be so much more useful.

  2. I agree that there should be more posts about building a nice wardrobe ^^ Social event survival guides too! Newer lolitas often don't know what to expect and such so I think it'd be very helpful ~


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