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vrijdag 9 juni 2017

5 tips to beat the heat in Lolita

When wearing lolita we all know that when it starts to get warmer outside we get really inventive with our coords. We do anything to keep ourselves cool in summer but we still want to look stylish and fit all the boxes within the fashion. 

Here are some of my favourite tips to keep your coords as airy as possible. 

Choose for a loose fitting OP

OP's come in many different shapes and sizes, that way you can pick the perfect dress for your body type. In summer I prefer lose fitting OP's, these dresses don't cling onto your body when it's hot outside. When you wear an OP you don't need to think about adding an extra blouse underneath or a cardigan to cover up your shoulders. 

Ankle socks for the win

Little ankle socks are great for summer and add some cuteness to your coord without the heat of OTK socks or tights. They are many different types when it comes to socks, you can go for a retro look with sheer socks or socks with lace on top. 
Some say you can't wear ankle socks with lolita but if it works with your coord go for it! 

Bloomers to prevent thigh chafing

This isn't your standard tip but this is definitely my number one tip when it comes to high temperatures. I know there are some products on the market to help with this problem but through my own experience that those chafing sticks don't help that well for me. That's why I wear light cotton bloomers that cover my thighs. This way my legs are protected with a light fabric and I don't have any pain from chafing or that horrible feeling of rubbing thighs. I really hate that feeling! 

Want to wear a JSK? Add a short chiffon blouse 

This year I added some basics into my wardrobe and some of them are cropped chiffon tops. They sit just beneath my bust line which makes them very short but perfect for under a JSK. Because of the chiffon fabric and the losse short fit it is very airy and doesn't cling to your body. I love wearing these short blouses under my dresses in summer time and I wish I had them sooner! 

Natural hair all the way

Especially for those casual days or smaller meetings you can use your own hair to create a nice hairstyle. A wig is very easy but also very hot, you can compare it with a hat that you don't take off when going inside our outside. You are sweating like crazy with a wig because the heat can't escape from your head nor does the wind come to your head to cool you down. For events you can choose for a half wig or go die hard with a full wig. But I suggest to keep your wig off till the very last minute before leaving the house and take it off when it is starting to irritate or you feel over heated. 

Bonus tips!! Cause we all love a bonus tips
  • Bring your own water bottle with you with cold water. We lose much more water when it's hot outside so stay hydrated.
  • If you have a parasol, use it to provide some shade when walking and sitting in the sun. This will decrease the temperature a bit.
  • You don't need to wear a petticoat 24/7 when wearing lolita. At smaller events or meets you can easily remove your petticoat when sitting on the table or on the ground for a picknick. Just add your petticoat again to your coord when making photo's. 
  • If you are feeling unwell because of the heat say it to your friends. Find a place out of the sun or go outside for some fresh air, sit down and eat something to help your blood pressure rise again. If needed remove excess layers like petticoats and wigs to help you cool down again.

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  1. I find it funny how we advised the opposite tips about wearing bloomers but for the same idea!

    1. hihi true! This way you see that everyone is different when coming to beating the heat. You will never see me without bloomers in summer.


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