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dinsdag 16 januari 2018

What is in my 2018 wardrobe?

Januari is such a memorable month within the Lolita community cause this month comes with a long lasting tradition of posting your own wardrobe on EGL, Livejournal. The oldest online community that is still used on to this day to post our lolita wardrobes on. This online treasure box if filled with so many informative topics about the fashion that it would be a really dark day if this community ever dies out completely and get's removed as well.

But onto a happier note, my first and immediately last wardrobe post was in 2015. I was so proud when I finished my little post on Livejournal and really loved the responses I got on my post that time. When I started with this years wardrobe I went back to Livejournal to look back on my wardrobe of 2015 and saw how much it has grown over time.

So let's see how much it actually did grow over the past 3 years!

Angelic Pretty
Whipped Gingham JSK - 2015 // Chess Emblem JSK - 2015
Angelic Pretty Candy Sprinkle blouse // Innocent World blouse

Milky Planet Special Set 2010 // Milky Planet OP 2010 // Milky Planet Halter JSK 2010
Angelic Pretty Dreamy Ribbon blouse // - // Taobao Diamond Honey chiffon blouse  

Candy Sprinkle Lucky Pack JSK 2014 // Fancy Paper Doll Collar JSK 2013
Taobao Diamond Honey chiffon blouse // Angelic Pretty Classical Arrangement Cutsew Cardigan

Merry Making Party JSK 2010 // Merry Making Party JSK 2010
Angelic Pretty Candy Sprinkle blouse // Innocent World blouse

Melty Cream Doughnut 2016 // Sugar Hearts OP 2011
Taobao Diamond Honey chiffon blouse // -

Color Scheme Pearl Heart JSK 2009 // Memorial Cake OP 2009
Taobao Magic Tea Party blouse // - 

Toy Harmony Lucky Pack JSK 2017 // Wonder Cookie JSK 2010
Bodyline blouse // Taobao Diamond Honey chiffon blouse

Wrapping Heart JSK 2015 // Decoration Dream Chest Switching JSK 2011
Primark blouse // Angelic Pretty Dreamy Ribbon Blouse

Baby, the stars shine Bright & Alice and the Pirates
Twinkle Lame Stripe Chiffon JSK 2014 // Sleeping Beauty Princess Rose JSK 2013
Dear Celine blouse // Wonder Rocket blouse 

Arietta JSK 2012 // Alice Bruges JSK 2012
Taobao Diamond Honey chiffon blouse // Magic Tea Party blouse

Twinkle Girl JSK 2014 // Kira Kira Parfait JSK 2016
Dear Celine blouse // Taobao Diamond Honey chiffon blouse

Marie's Sailor JSK 2013 // She is sleeping Shirring JSK 2006
Taobao Magic Tea Party blouse // Taobao Little Bear blouse

Träumerei of Bright Stars JSK 2013 // Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box Clara JSK 2011
Taobao Sweet Dreamer blouse // Taobao Diamond Honey chiffon blouse

Metamorphose temps the Fille
Music Note Embroidery OP // Marine Border Shirring JSK 2008 // Tales of the Wood OP 2011

Innocent World
Happy London OP 2016 // London Bear JSK 2012
- // Wonder Rocket blouse

Tullip JSK 2015 // Tullip OP 2015
Wonder Rocket blouse // -

French Poodle JSK 2015 // Forest Animals Torchon Lace 2007 // Chemical lace Tired JSK 2016 
Taobao Little Bear blouse // Offbrand Blouse // Diamond Honey chiffon blouse

Emily Temple Cute & Victorian Maiden
Image Livre Print JSK 2013 // Rose Garden Blouse OP 2010
Wonder Rocket blouse // -

Princess Royal Alice & Bodyline 
Magical Girl Loves Cosmetics JSK 2015 // Love Nadia JSK 2009
Primark blouse // - 

L' Esprit de la Noblesse & Heaven's Atrium
Christmas Gift JSK 2017 release // Butterfly library 2017
- // Taobao Diamond Honey chiffon blouse

Sweet Mildred & Fan Plus Friend 
Paris OP 2016 // Classic Pleated JSK 2008
- // Dear Celine blouse

Dear Celine & Fanzy Fantasy & Little Dipper
Winter Polka Dot JSK 2012 // The Wonderful Journey of the Walnut OP 2016 // Rose Lake JSK 2017
Alice and the Pirates blouse // - // Little Dipper blouse

Mulberry Chronicles & Peppermint Fox
Fox in the Woods JSK 2016 // Hidden Library JSK 2013
Wonder Rocket blouse // Wonder Rocket blouse

Handmade by me
Strawberry JSK 2017 // Omnia Vanitas OP 2017 // Floral JSK 2015
Taobao Diamond Honey chiffon blouse // - // Taobao Diamond Honey chiffon blouse

Jewellery mixed brands

All from Angelic Pretty

All from Sweet 'n Tiny

All from Ma Petit Chouchou

Vanilla's traumfabric // Fantastic Grimm // Vanilla's Traumfabric

Tokimeki // Violet Fane // Moonbunny

Innocent World

Alice and the Pirates // Vintage // Offbrand // Veritas // Offbrand 

Vintage perfume bottles 

Left to right
Innocent World // Veritas // Angelic Pretty // Moonbunny // Moonbunny // Twinkle Kitty Boutique

All are Tokimeki

All are Moonbunny

Angelic Pretty // Chocomint // Misako Aoki 

All are Angelic Pretty 

Hair accessories

Angelic Pretty & Baby, the stars shine Bright

Chocomint & Moonbunny

Metamorphose temps de Fille

All are Innocent World

Baby, the stars shine bright // Alice and the Pirates

Metamorphose temps de Fille // Royal Princess Alice

All are Angelic Pretty

All are Angelic Pretty

All are Angelic Pretty

All are Angelic Pretty

Bonnets & Hats

Tripple Fortune // Belladonna // Tripple Fortune
Promise of Nostalgia

Brooches & Pins

Both are Innocent World

Both are Violet Fane

Taobao Sweet Dreamer // Handmade by me

All are Madillustration

All are Milkribbon

All are Peppermint Fox

All are Mullberry Chronicles

Mixed brands
Fluffy Tori // Imai Kira // Long Ears Sharp Ears // Angelic Pretty collab // Madam Chocolate

All are Vanillas Traumfabric

Summer Tales Boutique // unknown //Mossbadger 

Innocent World // Alice and the Pirates

Socks & Tights

Both are Tripple Fortune

Both are Royal Princess Alice

Innocent World // Grimoire

All are Angelic Pretty

All are Metamorphose

All are Innocent World


All are Innocent World

Mixed brands
Angelic Pretty // Swimmer // Baroque // baby the stars shine Bright

I didn't made photo's of my shoes and winter gear that is something that I might add in a next wardrobe post in a few years. Cause making a wardrobe post every single year is such a big task! But lots of fun to look back at. 
I'm glad that I made the effort to make this many photo's and play with the layout a bit ass well since it adds a bit of interest to this whole photo dump post. 

My wardrobe has grown a lot over the past years and I only sold one dress in my whole "lolita life" so I think my wardrobe will continue to grow even bigger over time. 
My dress count in 2015 was 19 for only my dresses and I'm starting the year with 52 if I counted correctly. This year I'm not going to add many items to my wardrobe and make the most of the items that I already own. The best case will be only 2 dresses and maybe some handmade ones as well but not more than that cause I'm saving my money for a trip to Japan. Which is way more important than a new dress hihi. 

See you next time! 
xox Poppy 

6 reacties:

  1. What a beautiful post!! While I love the look of your main pieces, I really appreciate the time and effort you took displaying your accessories. Each of those photos is really a treat on its own, and in my opinion, they make this wardrobe post very special! Thank you for sharing. <3

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm really happy that you liked my wardrobe post <3

  2. I think I actually counted 53 main pieces - that's amazing! :D
    And I agree with Miss Rosie Darling, every photo is beautiful to look at, your time and effort paid off and you have a gorgeous wardrobe post to look at and admire. And the detail on each photo is so amazing, you can really see each piece, whether it's a dress or a small bit of jewellery, in all its glory.

    1. Thank you so much dear! I really wanted to have something to look back at and something where you can actually see something. Especially with the first wardrobe post I made I didn't like the outcome that much so I really wanted to improve on the quality and details

  3. I love your wardrobe! Everything is so cohesive, but it allows lots of room for creativity, too. It must have taken a long time to photograph it all and I’m impressed that you used a mannequin for each one – it really helps to see the dresses properly. Your legwear and accessories are really lovely too, and it’s nice to see that you put so much thought into every aspect of your wardrobe. May I ask, how you store your clothes? I keep my wardrobe small partly because I’m not sure where to put everything 😅 but I’m not a daily lolita, so maybe that’s it? Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection!

    1. Thank you so so much! Glad to hear you think it's pretty cohesive, sometimes I think it's all over the place 😅I'm planning on doing a wardrobe tour either on my youtube channel or on this blog with photo's on how I store everything. But my clothes are dived over 2 smaller closets and some of my accessories are on display as well.


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