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zondag 4 februari 2018

Taking a 10 day Challenge

My dear friend Rosalynn from the blog Lolita Wonderland started with this 10 day challenge. Rosie from the blog Star❤︎Dust already finished her challenge too and after reading her stories I got excited to try this one out as well. Most challenges I attacked in the past I failed with completing. It's hard to find the motivation to stay up with following these prompts every single day. That's why I'm planning to take this challenge and make it work for my own, posting a blogpost about the challenge every single week for the upcoming 11 weeks starting today!

This challenge is made to look back on your favourite things within the lolita fashion as well as your own lifestyle. The topics go from your favourite meetings to the memories you have from events or looking back at your first coord and your last. 

I'm really excited to write about these prompts and to look back at them one day even though I don't really read back my own blogposts that often. Are you planning on taking part in this challenge as well? 

These are the prompts I will use to accomplish this challenge: 

The secret that I want to share today is going to be the one of writing in advance. Since I'm home from work duo to medical reasons I have lots of free time but limited energy. I'm going to write a couple of prompts during the days I feel fit enough to blog a bit but really this is the biggest secret to running an active blog. Writing multiple posts on one day an schedule them on the days they need to go online. Hopefully this will help me with completing this whole challenge, I think this would be my first challenge I run on this blog that I will complete! 

Have you ever tried challenges like this or maybe other challenges?

Please keep an eye on my blog for the upcoming days as my DMC posts will be coming online as well later this week. Other than my blog I also run a youtube channel where I post videos on a weekly base, so if you aren't a blog fan you can always check out my youtube channel for fun and sometimes informative videos as well. 

See you soon! 

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