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vrijdag 16 februari 2018

Solid or Prints, what is my favourite?

When you first start out with lolita fashion you need to make the most important choice of the day. Are you going to go for the non printed dress with lots of detail or are you more of a novelty themed person and go for the fun and bright prints with berries, cakes, castles or other cute items on your dress.

It all depends on the fact what your purpose is going to be for that specific piece and of course what style you want to wear in the future. Most lolita girls like to use non printed simple dresses for work like the ones Innocent World offers. They have a minimal amount of ribbons but still look really put together. While if you are more of an event person you can choose to go for the printed dresses that fit the theme for example. 

As I look at my wardrobe the majority are printed dresses, which I also use as casual dresses since my own solid dresses are no wear near suitable for every day coords. 
When I first started out with lolita I bought a pink non printed gingham dress with minimal details on it while my second dress was going to be Memorial Cake by Angelic Pretty which futures cakes and flowers. I was super happy with my first dress but my second dress was the one that got me the most. All those details in the print and there was so much to see. 

That is why I love printed pieces so much, you have so much details in the print and discover something new every single time you look at it. Cause you don't remember every single thing that is on there. I've made a video from one of my newest dresses "Welcome to the Sweets Hexenhaus" to show all the lovely details in the print. If you have time please check it out. 

With solid pieces you have the amazing ruffles, bows and other details that make the dress pop but to be honest I like the princess type of solid dresses over the clean and simple solid pieces especially for events and meetings. 

In the end it is a question of preference and what you are going for. As an OTT sweet lolita I absolutely adore the versatility of a good printed dress where I can use different pieces and colors from the print into my coord. While when I make coords with my solid pieces I tend to stick with the same simple coords over and over again.
Though there are some amazing girls out there who do magical things with solid pieces but it just doesn't fit my own style that well or maybe I should look into that style a bit more... Who knows what happens in 2018!

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  1. I agree with you 100%. There's always something hiding in a print that you won't discover until the next time you look at it and those little bits make you fall in love with a print even more. And if I'm going to spend the money that Lolita pieces usually go for on a solid piece, then that price feels more justified on something princessy and OTT, not necessarily on a simple cut with little embellishments. So while I admire solids just as much, especially on people who can coordinate them well, I'll be sticking to prints myself - at least for now.

  2. Agree with you too. A print gives us so much to play with, colours, textures...


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