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vrijdag 16 maart 2018

Why is Angelic Pretty one my favourite brands? // 10 day Lolita Challenge

On day one there was a lolita brand that caught my eye. Yes as some of you might already know deep inside Victorian Maiden is my treasure and got me into the fashion with their classic designs and rococo feeling. But is was Angelic Pretty that truly pushed me into the style that I love the most, sweet lolita. Angelic Pretty is a dream brand for every sweet lolita lover out there. But also if you have a classic style, Angelic Pretty can still be your thing.  

I still remember the day I received my first Angelic Pretty set in 2012 I believe, it was a second hand Memorial Cake OP set with the matching headbow and socks. I've lost enough weight to finally fit into shirred Angelic Pretty pieces and this was such a magical feeling to me. Since I was dreaming of that day since the very start of my lolita journey back in 2006. 

Until this day Angelic Pretty is the brand I own the most items from, follow every single release and get butterflies from it every time I wear my dresses from this amazing brand. Though I must say they do tend to re-use their design ideas a lot like the generic cherry release every single year but I still think they have unique designs and cater to a lot of different themes within their fashion brand. 
Going from sea themed pieces to royal crown, to pastries and back to religious themes or just a plain sky print. And not to forget to mention their solid color items, they are to dye for! Have you seen their latest piece with the long tule overskirt that has a larme feel to it, it is called Otome no Tutu Doll It is such a stunning piece. 

Angelic Pretty be as amazing as you are! I keep falling in love with your designs over and over again. Just like I did with your last release, Sugar Candy Shop! Too bad I don't have any room to spend my money on a new release this year. So maybe one day I'll get my hands on a sax or white JSK with the matching accessories! 

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  1. Part of me wants to get Sugar Candy Shop, I like the print and the JSK cut looks a bit lower waisted than they've been into recently. But I can't justify the money and I'm not sure how much I'd really wear a print like that, so I'll have to skip that. Happy to enjoy it from afar for now. I may get the socks though...

    1. I feel you on this print, it is such a lovely print but not sure if it is going to be a print that I would want to wear very often. I haven't seen the sock online at the Angelic Pretty Japan store, I was hoping to get a closer look at the other colorways of them.

  2. I find that I'm gradually falling in love with AP more and more myself! Everything is just so lovely!

    1. They love to play with your mind, happy to hear you are falling in love with them more and more ^_^


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