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vrijdag 6 juli 2018

Creating a coord based on a historical figure

As I told in my inspiration post I get a lot of my inspiration from historical places, characters, paintings or even books.
But getting inspiration from those things is one thing but how can you translate that into a coord?
This is where this post comes in handy. I've collected two of my favourite inspirational characters and made some coords based on them.

Jane Austen 1775-1817 // Writer

In the late 1700s the fashion became less elaborate and a lot simpler but around this time it was the point where cheaper copies of the fashionable clothes where sold to all members of different classes. Which made a big start in the fashion as we know it today and it began to be a part of a way to express yourself. 

When it comes to Jane Austen, her style was minimalistic compared to Marie Antoinette who I will cover in a bit. When I would translate her style into a lolita coord I would pick a dress with a square or high neckline, preferably an OP. 
Other than that I would also go for a light cotton fabric and maybe some chiffon details. Lace details would be minimal and for the headpiece I would go for a rectangular headdress or a small bonnet. 

Headpiece: Victorian Maiden
Dress: Seraphim
Shoes: Yuni Fairy

Marie Antoinette 1755-1793 // Fashion icon, Queen of France

Where to start with such a royal and inspiring lady. Marie Antoinette is I think the most famous fashion icon from her time period. She was the first to pose in a sheer dress for a painting which was really shocking at that time cause who want to be seen in an underdress? 

As for fashion inspiration, the bigger the better. Marie Antoinette was know for her elaborate dresses, big hairstyles and for wearing hats. Nothing was too expensive for her, she was know as Madame Déficit in the country. Cause France was on the edge of going bankrupt but she kept on with spending money for fashion.  

When it comes to translating her style into lolita fashion you can go either way. The first option would be to go all out with the highly detailed designs with lots of ruffles and lace or you can go for her famous sheer painting and keep your coord sort of simple but really stylish. 
I've used Marie Antoinette as inspiration in my own coords too, mostly for hairstyling but I'll share those in the end. 

Dress: Baby, the stars shine Bright
Hat: Baby, the stars shine Bright
Shoes: American Duchess

Dress: Victorian Maiden
Hat: Fan+Friend
Shoes: American Duchess

The following ones are the coords I made over the years where I used the same time period as my inspiration. Especially the big hairstyles and lots of lace details are a must for me. I would love to create a coord based on Jane Austen too one day cause I think it fits really well in a day to day style.

One of the key points for me is that I rarely use wigs for creating such hairstyles. I really like to use my own natural hair for it. It gives it a more authentic feel to me. And other than that full bangs weren't really a thing which makes it really easy to use my own hair for hairstyles. 

Coord 1 // Dress: Little Dipper, Blouse: Little Dipper: Shoes: Cotton Candy Feet
Coord 2 // Dress: Handmade, Blouse: Dear celine
Coord 3: Dress: Baby, the stars shine Bright, Blouse Little Dipper, Shoes: Cotton Candy Feet

Do you have any historical figures that inspire you for your lolita coords? 
I would love to get to know them too. 

Lots of love, 
Poppy xox 

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  1. Marie Antoinette's hair is so iconic, you did such a great job in creating hairstyles inspired by that! <3

    1. Thanks a lot! I still have a lot to learn when it comes to hairstyling and historical hairstyles but non the less it inspires me every single time

  2. Absolutely in love with your coords <3


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