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donderdag 19 juli 2018

It's been 1 year since Dream Masquerade Carnival in London // Part 2

Can I be honest with you all? On one side I feel terrible for not posting about this event anytime sooner than I am today. But on the other side I don't really feel the motivation to post about this event cause I had some hard times during the event and after I came home from London.
Though when I talked to my friends they said that they would love to read my story non the less so here it is. The second part of the Dream Masquerade Carnival event from 2017. 

We ended on the first day in my last DMC post with the amazing experiences I had on my first trip to London. It was truly amazing. We walked for hours and explored so many things with my friends. But the next day would be the day of the event, which is even more exciting than exploring the city. 

On the morning of the 26th of august we woke up around 6 to get started for the day. We decided that we would wake up at this hour cause Liv and Ayumi needed to leave pretty early for model rehearsals. As I was still laying in bed I tried to catch up on social media and getting excited for the day. Though I must be honest I felt pretty horrible already, no hunger at all and pain in my body from the day before. But luckily I had my medication with me so I could survive the rest of the day with no worries. Even when I had a terrible morning I was super excited to help Liv with her waist ties. She was wearing a gorgeous old school dress from Angelic Pretty which she coorded with a modern twist. 
I tied her bow and loved how it turned out, it was so pretty and perfect.

After they left to the model rehearsals I got ready too, I planned an OTT sweet coord with my milky planet OP. It was simple, not to hot and still me. I felt so good in my coord and was ready to tackle the day. Together with Petra we traveled to the starbucks where Ayumi would wait for us after model rehearsals. Though somehow we ended up later than expected so we met at the bus stop instead and walked together to the venue. Liv was already at the venue cause she was lucky enough to catch a VIP ticket, but I was sure that we would see her again soon.

Loving my travel buddies! Ayumi and Petra are true sweethearts

There was already a small line waiting and soon I spotted some familiar faces! It is amazing to see all your friends again that are living all over the world. But it was also really nice to see that people recognised me, both from instagram or my youtube channel. I'm always a bit in shock that there are people out there who like and watch my videos or follow me on instagram. It was so nice to meet every single one of you, and I'm so thankfull that you said hi to me cause it felt so unreal.

Old and new friends together! 

The day was filled with a busy schedule, going from Q&A sessions to game shows with Tripple Fortune, all kinds of fashion shows and my favourite part of the day was the guessing game where Tripple Fortune needed to guess which item was the oldest of the candidates. That game show was hilarious! 

Of course we had the opportunity to shop a lot and boy it was hard to choose this time. Angelic Pretty Paris was there with a booth but also Imai Kira, Tripple Fortune, Tokimeki Gabriel and of course many indie brands like Summer Tales Boutique, Heaven's Atrium, Dream Holic and lots more. There was also a giant room filled with second hand items and a remote vendor table with lots of items to choose from. 

In the end I ended up picking up my orders from Me likes Tea and Cotton Candy Feet. But also buying a second hand dress and some smaller pieces like socks and accessories. My husband Alexander was lucky this time too. When we visited the booth of Tripple Fortune, Babi and Kai insisted that he would try on one of their new jackets that where made to fit a male model. As my husband tried it on, they where both so happy to see the fit and explained the details of the jacket to us. In the end after lots of doubting we bought the jacket and I must say I'm not regretting anything. That piece is stunning! 

One of my highlights was meeting up with the designer of Heaven's Atrium, I was so nervous to meet her but since I had contact with her for many weeks over on instagram it felt like we knew each other for quite some time but still I was nervous to go talk to her. 
She is such a sweetheart and I still adore her brand a lot! We made some pictures together, cause what else do we do when we meet friends that we like. 

I had so much fun at the event, talking to my friends. Visiting the different booths and activities during the day I forgot about time and the fact that I wasn't wearing my correct shoes most of the time. Cause yeah I wanted to look cute while taking photo's and running around at the venue. But this resulted in me being super tired, in lots of pain again and feeling nausea so I needed to rest for most of the afternoon on a chair hoping things would get a bit better with some rest. 
I felt very sad about it but I had peace with it cause there was lots to do in the activities room where the fashion shows was held. I'm really thankful that I wasn't alone and that my friends came by to say hi, but we also had some drinks and lots of fun memories already. I couldn't wait for the next day!

After the event was over Liv, Ayumi, Petra, Alexander and me went out for some vegan dinner which wasn't the best to be honest but our dessert was amazing! We had vegan froyo, it was so delicious and it made up for the dinner we had. I was happy that all the locations of the restaurants where close to the venue cause I had some difficulties with walking. Luckily my dearest Ayumi was there to help me with walking. I can't thank her enough for supporting me and being my walking stick that weekend. It wasn't easy to accept my limitations that day but I needed to face it non the less. 

When we traveled back to the hostel with public transport but Liv noticed that she lost her totebag with all her goodies and items from the event. So we stopped at the first busstop we could stop and got out. Called both restaurants in the hopes that her bag was found again. Luckily it was still at the froyo place and we went back to pick it up. We where so happy to see that everything was still in there, the owners of the froyo restaurant where so sweet and helpful. They placed her bag behind the counter while we where traveling back to the restaurant so no one would steal it. Once everything was alright we headed back to the hostel and called it a day. Cause tomorrow would be an other day filled with amazing moments. 

Curious to see what I bought at the event? I made a haul video about it, you can watch it here

See you next time! 

Lots of love, 

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  1. It's so amazing to read this <3 I had such a lovely time with you, I'm glad you still wrote about it after all, thanks for sharing girl! Ah, all the good and bad still made quite a nice adventure ^_^ now I long back for it !

    1. I'm so glad you still like it! It sure was a really nice adventure

  2. I'm so glad you decided to finish writing about DMC and your time in London. It keeps the memory of Tea Party Club alive <3 I had soooo much fun at that event, even if I do regret not socialising a bit more.

    1. Thanks a lot! Sadly all good things come to an end but it is like you said, this will keep the memory of the TPC alive. Hope you find some more time at the next event you are going to for socialising.

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