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zondag 1 juli 2018

Inspiration, where to find it // 10 Day Lolita Challenge

Inspiration, we are all looking for that one magic thing when looking for inspiration. To some it comes overnight. While with others it takes weeks of planning and trying stuff out to see if it works. 
To me I get either inspired by the dress or I have a sort of feeling in my head that I want to go for with my coords. But I still feel stuck a lot of the times especially when I'm not feeling anything for the dresses in my closet. Or I feel like I'm repeating myself. 

But this is where other people come in to the picture! I don't find myself being super inspired by other lolita girls anymore. Maybe that's because I don't follow the right people on social media, I don't know. When it comes to inspiration I tend to get most of it from 1800's and early 1900's. 
This time period is what spikes my inspiration every single time!

For lolita fashion I do love a lot of coords but I rarely use other coords as my inspiration. But let's see which coords are inspiring to me at this moment and why. 

It may look a bit weird to pick a simple back coord to find inspiration in. Though this dress and styling is just perfection in my eyes. I would love to make a dress inspired to this one and create this hairstyle with my own hair or a wig. It is a cute updo and I love that this coords works for an everyday coord too. This represents really well how I would like to dress on a day to day base. 

Frills!! Don't you agree that frills are life and so perfect? I picked this coord, pose and overall styling cause I get inspiration to try out more things with my wigs in the future. I love how fluffy but elegant this hairstyling looks, paired with the frills it has the perfect feel for something I would wear too. 

Everyday style goals right here!! What to say more, this is just gorgeous. I really love how simple and elegant this look is. Definitely something I would love to wear too on a day to day base.

This last picture says it all, just look at it. Pastels everywhere and the perfect OTT sweet hairstyling in my eyes. I attempted a hairstyle inspired by this look, which is actually from 2008 did you know? 
They created this hairstyle for a Metamorphose add if I'm correct. But this photo reminds me of not to forget about my passion of crazy hairstyles. Seeing this makes me want to go all out again with my next coord! I'm also dreaming of creating crazy hairstyles and fancy updo's on others one day, not sure if that will ever happen but we can always dream! 

As you can see I picked Misako Aoki in all my inspiration picks, her everyday styling is really easy to wear and super adorable. Most of the times I see new photo's of her on instagram and there is always something that catches my eye, and it gets me thinking. Like this is something I want to wear or make myself too, maybe I can try this out one day or see a cute accessory that I want to add. I think this is the most important part of finding inspiration. To me it needs to be something that inspires me every single time again and again, this is how I know I truly love it and want to incorporate it into my own coords and styling. 

It was really hard for me to pick these 4 photo's, but somehow it shows me what I want to wear in the near future and how my everyday style will evolve I think. I'm not planning on selling my wardrobe, maybe some pieces that aren't feeling like the current me but that is something for the future. 
So far I'm still happy with my wardrobe and especially my own style. My day to day looks do need some extra effort and time to fully grow on me. Though that will come overtime as well! We just need to hold on to it. 

Where do you find inspiration? I would love to know! 

Lots of hugs, 
Poppy xox 

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about not getting your inspiration from other people. If I need inspiration when I'm stuck, I'm more likely to look up historical fashion for reference rather than other lolita coords. Normally, the dress itself is enough to inspire me though, with maybe a few ideas here and there for little things (like hair or placement of accessories). Although I guess for looking at simple/casual/everyday-styled coords, social media is good - as long as people post what they wear daily.

    1. Historical fashion is so inspirational, I'm so happy to hear that I'm not the only one who doesn't really get inspired by other peoples coords.


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