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woensdag 29 mei 2013

Memorial cake for Japan-tag 2013

Last weekend I went to Düsseldorf for the Japan-tag event. I was lucky enough to get my Memorial cake dress home on time before the weekend.
Düsseldorf is one of my favorite places so far, everytime I visit that city I fall in love with it over and over again.
We stayed in Düsseldorf 3 days this time, we arrived on friday around 3 a clock so we had some time left to do some early shopping. Cause, on saterday it's going to be so crouded everywhere so not really a good time for some shopping in my opinion.
After some shopping we went to a coffee shop to drink some coffee, I really love Soy latte coffe but not all the coffee bars have it so I was verry verry verry happy when I heard that they served the soy latte <3 And ofcourse I needed to get some macarons to go with it. So delicious, especialy the yellow one, it was with passion fruit so good!

In the morning we went to a local bakery that was just at the end of our street, here we bought some delicious croisants and sandwishes as breakfast.

After breakfast it was time to get ready for Japan-tag 2013, I needed all the time I could get in the morning. Everytime I end up with stressing a bit eventhough everything is planned on time.
I even orgenized the closet of our hotel room for easy dressing....
I have some more pictures to show you but not with that much talking..... So here we go!
My make up shot for the day <3


With me love <3

Healthy foodies for dinner...

Beautifull art work <3 


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  1. It looks like you had a really good time! I'm jelly of your OP also you and your boyfriend are really cute together XD


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