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woensdag 26 juni 2013

Summer blue and frilly in pink

I wanted to show you all my latest outfit photo's.

The first one is what I was wearing to the Dolliverse convention. I'm really happy with my look for that day. It was sweet but not overdone since it was a BJD convention and not a Lolita meet I thought this would be perfect for it.

That day I've got many compliments on my look and there was even a little asian girl (age of 6 I think) with her mom that wanted to take a picture with me, isn't that so sweet. I love those little kids with their over excited parents xD

And my other look is from today. Yesterday I tried to make some curls with socks, it was a tip from Gabriël (VelvetBat from Bats and Bunnies). 
He used this methode befor and worked great for him so I needed to try it as well.
Most of the curls that I make with an curling iron doesn't last that long in my hair but this time it's still holding it's form so jeej me :D
I'm wearing my first JSK that I ever bought, I still need to remake it a bit since it's becomming a bit to big on me, thank god that there is lacing in the back for making it smaller ^^

I've also made a picture of my hair of today. The curls are mainly at the bottem and I've put my hair all at one side. Really easy to do in just 2 minutes! 
At work they asked me if I was going to a party later this day xD 
Most of the time I just wear a ponytail and no make up, so they where like " your hair looks so good, you got curls in your hair..." 
It really made my day so good ^_^ <3

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  1. Glad to hear that the curling method worked for you! :D
    And you look really pretty in both outfits!


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