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dinsdag 2 juli 2013

Int. Gyaru summer meet-up day 1

Last weekend we went to The Netherlands for the Int. Gyaru summer meeting which was hosted by the lovely Gyarusa Hyper <3
It was a 2 day event with on the first day a party with an amazing DJ called Neodash Zerox! For me it was a long time that I went to a party so I really had a great time dancing the night away.

Since it was a 2 day event we booked a hotel in Utrecht. Luckely we arrived at 14.15 at the station where we saw the group that was waiting to leave to the venue. So we where able to ask for the directions so we knew which bus we needed to take when we where ready after cheking in at the hotel.
It took a while to check in so we where happy with all the information that we got from the group that traveled before us.

The venue itself was a bit hard to find but when we got there it was so much fun!
Everything was there, music, food, beautifull people and lot's more. Allthough I expected a lot more people on the first day. But I guess that when you need to pay money for an event that most of the people get scared or so. I really hope that next year the party is going to be a bit bigger and otherwhise just as fun as it was this year!

At the 1st day I didn't take any pictures so I'm going to show you a couple of the others. All the credit goes to them!

Hyper orginized a lot of side activities trueout the day. There whas a crafty table where you could make origami things or lucky stars, a coctail shaker with many talents his coctails where so tasty and everytime he made something new to try it. 

One of the biggest activities whas the Bingo, lot's of fun sinds we needed to be super super happy when we got Bingo. So everyone was shouting out loud BINGOOOO!!! When they had a row.
There where so many prices, some cute accesories for you hair, facial products, lashes, fake nails, even cute things like small mirrors and necklaces. The small prices where for the first round, in the second round there where 2 grand prices! 1ste one was a pair of circle lenses, green ones, the 2nd price was 2 tickets for Deshima Sounds! pretty cool ha!! 

So who ever that had a full card won one of the 2 prices.
Believe it or not I won in the 2nd round as well. In the first round I won some facial products and my BF won a cute pink deer necklace, real man can wear pink too xD
I was the first with a full card and had everyting correct ^_^ since I could choose between the 2 prices I took the lenses. Oh my! I've won a pair of lenses that's insaine! 
Just because I wanted to try them for a while but I didn't want to buy a pair since my last experience with normal percription lenses wheren't that great. (I've thrown them away on the first day eventualy since I wasen't able to get them on. But that was at the age of 12)

After all the activities and lots of talking the party really started! There was some parapara dancing for the people that knew it. So basicly I did my best copying the rest xD I really need to practice on that one, haha and afterwards some normal pop music that you hear on the radio so everyone was able to dance on that.

Too bad that I didn't get any pictures of my outfit from that day, only pictures of me being silly and wearing my comfy all star shoes xD

But I did make a photo of my make up just before we went to Utrecht!

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Lot's of love, xx

4 reacties:

  1. You looked amazing! that hair *^*
    It was nice seeing you again :D

  2. Thanks Cheru! It was realy nice to see you too!!

  3. I've never been to a gyaru meet up before, only Lolita ones, I have to say this looks a little more fun XD

  4. It really was a lot of fun! Allthough the lolita meetups can be pretty fun too! I'll be posting about one pretty soon!


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