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dinsdag 23 juli 2013

Int. Gyaru summer meet part 2

OFinaly made some time to post the second part of the gyaru summer meeting which was orginized by Hyper! On the first day their was a party and on the second day we went out for a picknick in the park. Just like last year it was so much fun and I've met some new people as well.

This picknick was just like any other picknick, sitting down on the grass. Chatting with awesome people, enjoy the great foodies and taking pictures of everyone <3

I didn't spoke to everyone on the picknick which is always a downside of meetings. So many people to talk to and what to say them?!

It's always so nice to see that everyone is joining eachother for making pictures! This year I put on my badass shoes and asked people to join me for a picture as well. 

So I have some pictures of me with other gorgeous people <3

Together with the fabulous Leyla <3, it was great to see her at this picknick! I knew her from the dutch lolita community, so we have some thing in common when it comes to fashion. And besides that she is an amazing person in general!

Not every photo needs to be posed to be pretty! We all look a bit silly in this one but I like in anyway.
On the left you see Lenie, such a beauty <3 and on the right side is Yuu. She was the only lolita girl that day. So sad to see that their waren't any other lolita girls that day.

With the handsome Eivind from Norway, I was really happy that we wanted to take a picture with me. 
He was a really nice to talk too! Just like everyone else <3

Gorgeous Juul <3 I still can't believe how pretty she is! She is so perfect, it's just crazy. She really is a role model for me!

But I really love this one with my boyfriend, he was also their to join the picknick as well. All my love goes to Eivind for making this picture for us!

Even Picachu was at the meeting <3 And he brought some friends of him for an epic picture!

It was a really great event! And I would definatly go again next year! 

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