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zondag 29 september 2013

Frilly News: Kawaii International Lolita Weekend part 3/3

Finaly we are at the last part of the whole event. It took me a while to get here but I'm so glad I did it!
So great to see all the pictures back while writhing about the event and thinking of the fun moments we had during these two days.

On this last day we had the opportunity to visit a castle and we where able to join the special guests on a picknick in the gardens of the castle.
We wen't to castle "De Haar" wich is a pretty famous castle I think since during the year a lot of events are organized in the gardens. Like the Elf Fantasy Fair, which is a very popular event in the Netherlands.
Just like the day before our day started pretty early. Since we needed to be ready for checking out from our hotel before we leaved for the trip to the castle.
My alarm clock ringed again around 6 in the morning, that's so early when you're on a holliday trip in my eyes. But if you want to look a bit showable you must suffer the pain of an early morning.

This time we didn't joined up for breakfast but wen't straight to the buffet when we where ready. I was surprised to see that we where one of the first people that was ready to check out at 10 in the morning.
But while waiting in the lobby, I joined RinRin at her table in the restaurant while she was eating her breakfast. She was sitting all alone since there wasn't that much time before we needed to leave. It was great to chat a bit with her about the normal things in life like boyfriends and such.

We needed to leave for the meet up at the central station. It was a short walk, I think it was about a 15 minute walk to the actual station. But while walking RinRin asked me to teach her some more words and phrases in dutch. It was so funny to teach her the basics of the dutch language, she is a good student and understands it really good. Replacing the words to make an other sentence and it all made sense! Even Misako did her best to follow along with it.

Since we where a bit late everyone was waiting for us at the bus station. Everyone looked amazing that day! Just the perfect styling for a picknick, lot's of straw hats and floral prints so cute. Seeing all the girls back after the great day of the tea party was so much fun. After a small chit chat with everyone it was time to leave Utrecht station and started our journey to the castle.

We where invited to visit the castle for a guided tour, it's a bit sad that we couldn't make any pictures inside. But I've seen many castles before and this was one of the most impressive ones I've seen so far.
I would love to tell you a bit about the castle but the only thing I remember was that the family "Van de Haar" lived inside the castle till 2011! They waren't from the royal family but more like a duke/baron type of family. Also the architecture was inspired by many neogothic buildings like cathedrals. If you ever near this castle be shure to stop for a visit! It's really worth it.

The guided tour was over so we went into the gardens for a great picknick. We all got a lunch bag filled with delicious snacks and sandwiches. There where even strawberries to share with everyone, while we where eating our lunch we had some extra time with Misako and RinRin to talk to them a bit more. But the photographer of the event was also their for taking beautiful photo's of us. You could aks him for a special photo, just a single solo photo or one with your friends. I only had my picture taken with my boyfriend and some with RinRin and Misako. Since I had my own camera for photo's with my friends and other cute Lolita.

photo by

Allthough the group was rather small we all had a great time. We could spend some time with great personality's, looking at the gorgeous coords of everyone and taking pictures like crazy people. Sometimes I feel like an Asian person while I'm holding my camera, I make pictures of everything.
The group shot was a little adventure on his own, we headed over to a nice green spot in the garden when Misako jumped into the sky when she wanted to knee down for her pose. She was screeming and very scared, but no one new what was wrong. But suddenly I saw the little dear devil in the grass. It was a small baby frog that jumped under Misako's skirt. I was able to pick the little one up and showed it to her to let her see that is was only a small frog. 
But I think it was the first time that they saw a frog in real life, they even wanted to hold it for a picture isn't that cute? Luckily the little frog was back into the pound and we went back to posing for the group shot. Only Misako wasn't that sure about the whole sitting in the grass after her froggy adventure, hihi.

photo by

A great weekend went bye and we got many some amazing memories! 
I'm going to miss everyone so hard, but one day I will meet them all once again.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading my report about the Kawaii International Lolita weekend. 
It sure was a pleasure to write about it, See you all in my next post!

To end it all I want to share some of my favorite pictures of this weekend.
Together with the beautiful Silvia

Isn't he the cutest mushroom ever?

Cutie Katie! 

With Leyla, she was so gorgeous in her pink coord

That's one lucky man, he made Misako and RinRin blush! So cute

I really love this coord of Josine, I wish I could rock classic as good like she does

My accessories and nail art for the weekend
Funny fact: RinRin and Misako had an argument on the first day about my nails while we where having breakfast. RinRin said that it where cupcakes but Misako said Nooo, those are mushrooms.
It took them a while to ask me for the answer, but RinRin did a happy dance when she heard that it where cupcakes instead of the mushrooms.

Our group at the tea party

Boyfriend looking great with my camera

A picture with Damiën! So cool

The boys of the event

And the last one if from us with Misako and RinRin 

Thank you all for making this such a great weekend! I loved every second of it.

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  1. Haha grappig dat Rinrin en Misako zaten te discussiëren over je nagels :p

    En je zag er leuk uit dat weekend! Denk dat ik dit de leukste outfit van je vind, van het event ^_^


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