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dinsdag 8 oktober 2013

Event Report: CastleFest 2013

August 2013,

My favorite event off all time must be CastleFest in The Netherlands. Every year I'm looking forward to it to attend this event. It's not a lolita event but an overal fantasy and gothic event, but the best part of it is that their isn't a dress code, everyone is welcome and a lot of my friends are comming to this event as well. Some of them I only see once a year during this event so it's verry importend to me.

The beautifull Castle

The other good side of the event is that they play verry good music during the day. Mostly it's folk with a mix of metal but sometimes they also have some band that have an orchestra so it's verry versatile.
My favorite band that plays on this event every year is Omnia, but since a couple of year I've missed them every single time that I went to the event. Not because I wasn't on time for the performance but they didn't play on the day we went to the event or because of the rain, since it's an open air event.

Concert Corvus Corax

This year I didn't make that much photo's so I can't share that much with you. But I did make some video shots so you get an impression of the event. Also I didn't buy anything this year which is a new one for me as well. Last year I bought a cap and a CD of Omnia but this year I just didn't. Only some food and drinks.

Like every year they had a wickerman, which is an all natural statue that serves as an offering to the gods. This year it was a Greenman such a beautiful thing. Every one can bring an offer but it must be made of only natural materials like flowers, drawings, food or something else. I didn't make an offer just like all the other years. I'm not such an offering person.

The drawing of the wickerman

The actual wickerman 

At the end of the day on saterday they will offer this wickerman to the gods. It's with a whole fire ritual and a little side show, the whole burning ritial is verry impressive. Everyone is so quit when looking to this ritual but when the wickerman is on fire the joy is every where. They are dancing, cheering and clapping such an amazing feeling!

Castle fest is really an fantasy event with the best atmosphere in my eyes, everyone is so happy to be there. Maybe it's the good weather every year that helps with it but I love it anyway.

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