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dinsdag 10 december 2013

Event Report: Elf Fantasy Fair fall 2013 - The Netherlands

A massive catch up post is coming about the Elf Fantasy Fair in Arcen this year.
I needed to make this post a lot earlier than today. Not sure if earlier is the right word but I'll use it anyway, because I want it.
So on September 14th we went to Arcen for a magical trip to Elfia. That's what they call this event since the last editions I think but almost everyone still call it Elf, which is a lot easier that Elfia since we're used to use it that way.

It has been many years that I went to the Elf and I've never been to the one in Arcen. Together with my boyfriend we joined my parents and uncle to this event. It was the second time for them to visit an event like this. And since they wanted to join us once again I asked them if they would like to go with us to this event. It was pretty close to our home although we needed to travel quit a bit for it.

On that day I was wearing my newest dress, it was the Angelic Pretty Color Scheme Pearl Heart JSK in Sax x Pink paired with a white blouse, pink socks and blue shoes. I think it was the first time that my uncle saw me in lolita fashion, always a bit scary to see the reaction.
But like mostly I don't care what they think of me, I'm just being me! And that's with frilly clothes and lots of bows. And that together with a bubbly personality, yip, I'm just a bit weird at some times.

After our not so long trip to the event I was glad that we where there, since I knew that I would see a lot of my friends that day! I was even going to met some new people which is also pretty cool. The weather that day wasn't so great sadly although most of time the sun was shining. But at night the rain had made the location all muddy and such so walking in little blue tea party shoes wasn't the best choice I've made that day. After a little walk on the grass my shoes where all muddy but I was still dry! Which was a good sign for me, to be honest who want's to be all wet on a beautiful event like this?! Sadly enough destiny came across my path, thanks to the wind that blow everything of the roof of the market stall made me have a shower of cold water while I was standing there.
Luckily most of the water landed besides me and only bit of it landed on my coat, wig, socks and inside my shoe. I needed to walk the whole day with one cold foot and a wet sock.

I was really happy to see some of my friends at the fair that day, some of them had also a stand where you could drink a cup of tea and have a cookie to go with it. They where representing the magazine Pretty Cute, which is an english magazine made by some of the dutch lolitas. There last magazine is from 2011 but I think they should continue with it even though it's a lot of work. But the magazine is so cute and amazing, it's actually one of the few magazines that I like to read. Mostly I watch pictures in magazines but not in this one so come on girls and boys keep up the spirit. If you want to know more about the crew you can visit them at

At the Pretty Cute Magazine stand

At the Pretty Cute Magazine stand

Everytime when I'm at an event or meeting most of the people know me even when I don't know them or I don't recognize them right away. So I find it always so weird when they say my name if they see me, it makes me feel a bit insecure about myself to be honest especially when I don't know any of them. I always think that I make a bad impression or so that they know me before I know them. But maybe thats just me, I really like it when you say something to me so please keep on doing that. It really makes me happy!

My favorite picture of the day

After a fun day at the fair it was time to go home. I saw a lat of amazing costumes that day and also some cute lolita coords. There was so many stuff to buy and yummy food to eat during the day. I ended up with a massive plate full of vegetables and rice and it tasted amazing! Although the spice chili sauce was a bit to much for me I loved every single bite of this dish.
It was time to go home after a happy day filled with sunshine and lots of happy faces!

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