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dinsdag 18 februari 2014

My wardrobe, the dirty little secrets

Wanna know some secrets about my wardrobe? I'm going to give you ten facts about it so sit back and enjoy the quick gossip.

♥︎ It took me 2 years to buy my first brand item
♥︎ I still own my very first JSK
♥︎ I've made 2 dresses but I've worn them only once
♥︎ No childlike sweet prints but mature sweet prints like sweets, cookies and carousels
♥︎ Mostly sweet but with some classic items as well
♥︎ Pure chaos in my closet, my shelf is a big big mess
♥︎ I share my loli closet space with my hubby
♥︎ Most of my brand items are bought in 2013
♥︎ I have a couple of skirts but I won't wear them, I'm more of a dress person
♥︎ The missing links in my wardrobe are blouses and bolero's

Well that's it for today. Just a quick one to make it up for last weeks missing posts.
Keep your eyes open on fridays Carnival post! It's going to be a good one...

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