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vrijdag 7 februari 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival - Lolita designers

Is it time? Is it that time of the week? ..........     Yes it is! It's Carnival day!
This weeks theme is about the people behind the clothing, more specifically about the designers we would love to meet.
But I don't really want to meet them so I'll just stick with a little introduction to the designers behind my favorite brands!

Lolita Designers ...

They are the heart and soul of a brand, without them there wound't be so many designs. Or amazing prints, every label has their own creative team to make their brand that special one.

♥︎ Baby, the stars shine bright

Uehara Kumiko

Kanou Masumi

Tachibana Saki

♥︎Alice and the Pirates


Nakamura Tomomi

♥︎ Innocent World

Yumi Fujihara

♥︎ Angelic Pretty


Well if there is one team I would love to meet that would be the Angelic Pretty team I think. I find it really interesting that they use childlike prints or accessories in their designs and not have a strange feeling about it when wearing it. Other than that I don't really feel the need to meet the brain behind a fashion label, just keep on making those beauties please!

You all rock!

Be sure to check out all the other blogs that participated in this weeks carnival.

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