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zondag 2 maart 2014

Milky planet Sunday

I havent been the best at blogging in that past weeks, but that is because I don't have the time to blog. Yeah yeah I hear you all screaming that I need to make time and that nothing can be that important to keep me away from blogging. But guess what guys, I really have things going on right now that are keeping me away from my blog. Like my school, yip this 25 year old is going back to school, scary huh! Also I'm busy with my wedding this summer, I am so looking forward to it. This thursday I need to go to the bridal shop for the second fitting, so excited.

Allthough I need to study right now and I probably have better things to do, but I wanted to share my latest coord with you all.

It is with my Milky Planet which I got just a week ago. How perfect can a dress be, it has everything that you wish for. Ice cream, rainbows, castles and it is in yellow! I was able to buy a whole set of the first release, not that I wanted the re-release. I'm so lucky that I found this set for sale!

I'm really happy with how the whole coord came out since I wasn't sure about the blue shoes in the first place. I really need to get some more tea parties in the near future, only having blue ones isn't that handy.

Well it's not a super long post or an informative one but I hope you liked it anyhow.

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  1. This outfit is just perfect!! ♥ You look beautiful! And how exciting, getting married ^_^ I'm so curious about what dress you will be wearing :)

  2. Thank you Damiën <3 So happy that you like the coord ^_^
    It is super exciting to get married!
    We got most of the things done but still a lot to do.
    But you will have to wait till a couple of days after the wedding for a picture I think ;) Sorry for the long long wait <3


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