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dinsdag 23 december 2014

Event Report: Candy Day Magical Christmas Teaparty

Some communities are just on the top of the epic-ness pyramid. On the 20th of December 2014 there was an event organized by Candy Day Frankfurt, one of the biggest German communities I think. It was their annual Christmas tea party, with a special guest this year! Chocolate, the owner of Lockshop wigs and model for Juliette et Justine. It was such a great opportunity to meet her since she has been a part of The Dutch community for such a long time before she moved to Germany.

Foods, there was so much on that table. I still can't believe it.

The event itself started for us with a long drive towards Frankfurt, it took us 5 hours to get there. We needed to be there at 1 a clock in the afternoon for the tour guide around the monastery where the event was held. So I sett my alarm clock at 5 AM in the morning, yeah I know thats early right?! I thought that as well, but I wanted to be sure that I was ready before 7 AM. I needed to do so many things before leaving home especially my hair takes always such a long time. This time is was ready in about half an hour not that bad I think..

We had great company on our way towards Frankfurt, my friend Saltje was joining us for this experience. It was for all of us the first time that we went to a German meetup. Though Saltje and I aren't that capable of speaking in German, well I can order my food and drinks but that's about it. We where super stressed out about the language problems. But together we are strong so there we go, off to Frankfurt!

When we arrived at the parklot, we noticed two other lolita girls. We quickly noticed that one of them was wearing a dream dress of Saltje, isn't that cute. After we packed our stuff we walked to the venue, with the two German girls following us. I think they thought that we knew the way, but in fact we where a bit lost since we walked over the cemetery hoping to come out at the entrance of the monastery. But they where so sweet when we didn't know what to do they offered to go ahead back to the main road to see where the main entrance was. It took us only a couple of minutes of doubting at the court to see where we needed to go!

Picture made by C. Rösch 

We had a tour in the monastery, it was all in German but the lady of the tour was speaking slowly and clear that I could understand some bits and pieces of the tour. It was super interesting, Germany has a great history when it comes to their castles and monastery's. I didn't make any pictures while I was on the tour, actually I didn't make a lot of pictures in general.

Sun is setting, what a wonderful location
At two a clock the tea party started, the room was so amazing. Everything was decorated with a winter theme, even on every table their was a center piece. All hand made I think, also a bag of cookies for every guest, raffle tickets, voting cards, a tea cup brooch and a gold and silver marker to write your name on the name tag. So thoughtful! Oooh and don't forget the super cute Candy Day Tea party postcard especially made for this event. It was made by Meri, I really love it!

Our Mafia Table for the win

All the guests, so many!

The tea party itself was so wonderful, I've met some amazing lolita girls at this event. We even had our own Mafia Table for the raffle! Our whole table won something at the raffle, and we where with eight people, lucky us! At the raffle I won a sweet lolita necklace made by Señor bear and my husband won also something for me, he won a fluffy necklace and a chocolate mirror. I was super happy with the mirror, since I had the same one but I broke it before I went to a meet up many months ago. So having a new chocolate mirror is amazing, it's my favorite one.

Raffle goodies

My goodies after the tea party

My dear friend Saltje also had a little gift for me at the tea party, she gave me a super cute pair of socks! They are so adorable, I didn't make a picture of it but the socks are already hanging on my fitting doll for my next coord! Super happy with them.
Since it was a christmas themed event there was also the opportunity to get a Secret Santa gift, of course I needed to enter that! My swap parter has made some adorable accessories for my everyday life, and most of it was hand made as well! I was so impressed about it, I love every single item of it. She even wrote a little message to go along with it, it was in German but I managed to read all of it! I'm super proud.

My outfit for the event

Photo made by C. Rosch

After a while it was time for the outfit contest, if we wanted to enter the contest we need to go to the front. I didn't know what I was thinking but I dragged Saltje with me to the front while saying we can do this, we need to represent Belgium in this thing. And so we did, the both of us super nervous! Especially when they told us what we needed to do, we needed to say something about our outfit to the whole group. Whoops, I didn't expected that. I did my best to talk as normal as possible, but talking in public is not made for me! I tried to talk about my dress, style and where I came from since I didn't speak German. It was fun to do but next time I will think two times before going to the front haha. We didn't won at this contest but we did our best to say hi to everyone at once, at least they know who we are now so that's a good thing!

The Ivory crew, aren't they amazing?!

Cool huh! I need this bag in my life!!

On all good things comes an end and so to this day. I've met some lovely girls at the event and I was able to speak again to some of my old friends! It was so much fun seeing some of the german lolita girls again that I knew from the Kawaii Event in the Netherlands a couple of years ago. My weekend was one to remember. And for the future, I will be attending more meetups in Germany as well! They know how to party...

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