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vrijdag 2 januari 2015

Lolita Blog Carnival - My Lolita Holiday Wishlist

Happy new year sweetie pies!

2014 is over so let's make place for 2015, may your year be filled with lot's of frills and happy moments. My 2014 was a wonderful year with many happy moments but also with tough moments like missing my friends birthday parties or the moments when I needed to work while there was a meet up. But in the end I loved every single moment of 2014 but I surely hope that 2015 will be a blast! I want to be able to attend more international events and wear lolita more often like I did today. Though it's not a full coord like I used to wear but more casual for everyday wear. It's different and I love it!

But that's not why you're here isn't it, it's for my holiday wishlist. If I'm honest I really don't have a big wishlist this year. The lucky packs that came out this year aren't really my cup of tea. Let me see, AP, the print was just not my thing, what's up with the bright print and the sheep? Really? I just don't know why, I immediately was thinking about the Metamorphose Night Carnival print that came out this year but less psychedelic. But still very wrong in my eyes. Maybe when I see full coords of the lucky pack I will starting to like it, only for now, no thank you.

When the preview pictures came out from Baby and Aatp I was very happy and a bit bummed about the fact that I wanted to save up my money for La vie en Rose. Only when the stock pictures came out it was clear the lucky pack wasn't made for me, I really liked the print of Aatp but it's in black. And there is one thing that I don't do anymore and that is buying black dresses. After I felt horrible in my black Bridge of Bubbles dress for F+F I didn't wan't to wear black anymore. Maybe when I find a dress that has a better cut I will try it out!

For my wishlist I only have one request at this moment and that's that I really want to own Victorian Tassel in ivory by Angelic Pretty. Paired with the socks and head bow if I can find them. I know the the dress and socks are still available in the JP shop but I really want to save up my money for Paris in februari!

I do have some more dresses on my wishlist but they aren't with high priority. So I've made a small collage with my current wishlist dresses.
Baby: Träumerei of Bright Stars - AP Cream Cookie Collection
AP: Loyal Rosette - AP: Lucky Key

There are more items on my wishlist than these four but I only want to collect these 4 dresses as soon as possible. I can't promise that I wouldn't buy other dresses this year but if these pop up anywhere I'm going to buy them. But only after La vie en Rose, my shopping budget for that event is my everything at this point. So after februari I will continue with building out my wardrobe.

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  1. I seriously love reading your blog :)
    I hope you have an amazing year.

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