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woensdag 3 december 2014

Event report: Summer Tales Boutique 5th anniversary

Months ago I attended the 5th anniversary of summer tales boutique. Hosted by the lovely Katie and her crew. It was a lovely day that day in Utrecht (The Netherlands) the sun was shining and we had lots of fun with everyone who joined us at the station before we walked to the venue.
For the occasion my husband and I dressed contra colors, so we where matching in style. It was a challenge but I think we did a wonderful job!

Alexander and me

My coord, all Baby. Except for the jewelry, bonnet and socks

At the event itself was lot's of stuff to see, Summer Tales Boutique had a pop up store and an preview of their own first print release. I was trilled to see the design of their first print! Though I wasn't all that sure if I will buy the print when it will be released.
The day was filled with a fashion show, showing the latest creations of Summer Tales Boutique as well as one of the newer prints of Innocent World. Did you now that Summer Tales Boutique offers Innocent World items as well in their store? They are an official dealer!
As well an outfit contest with an amazing theme, the theme was "A Tale of Sorcery and Magic"
Some of the participants had the most amazing coords! One of them was from my friend Saltje, who made her outfit all by herself! Respect!

Charlotte - Alexander - Me
Saltje - Joke

Fashion show models, Renske - Sandy
Renske - Anne - Sandy - Cat

Summer Tales Boutique did also the catering for the event, lot's of home made cakes, cookies, macarons an savory dishes where on the menu. Though not everything went the way it supposed to be. Since I have some diet restrictions I wasn't able to eat anything from the menu at the event. When we booked our tickets we had the option to send in our diet and allergies for the food. So I was please to see that this was possible, the only downside was that there went something wrong with the forms. Therefore there wasn't any allergy free food on the menu. Katie was very sorry that this happend so she arranged some food for me. Also Saltje wasn't able to eat anything from the menu because of het diet restrictions. In the end we got a plate with some little pieces of bread and mushrooms, not as fancy as the buffet for the other participants but it was very nice. I'm super glad that Katie did her best for us to serve us some food that day that was suitable for our diet. Thanks a lot Katie!

A lolita wonderland, shopping and sweets!

What is an event without cute girls? Ooh and Ruben, butler of the day!

I had an amazing time at the party with all my friends and I met some new people as well. Though it was super weird to be around new people the whole time. What do you say to them... you get those awkward moments when your around new people..
I was able to make some lovely photo's at the staircase with some of my friends. It was such a beautiful location! I really love to make photo's but sometimes I wished I was better at making photo's...

Evelien - Rowie

Rosalynn - Josine

It took me a while before I made this post and I'm really sorry for that. Though I was hoping for a special entry this time...
A couple of weeks before the event I mailed Katie for a little interview, she was very pleased to work along with it but I didn't get any response afterwards on the message with the questions. It's very disappointing but I think she had a lot more on her head than the interview for this blog. Though I would be very awesome if it all worked out after all.

I had an amazing time at the party and it was super lovely to see everyone again. Hopefully I can see some of the girls again in the next months! Already missing my Dutchies!

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