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vrijdag 6 februari 2015

Lolita Blog Carnival - Who inspires you in Lolita

The first week of Februari is dedicated to bring some joy into the lolita community. This weeks theme of the lolita blog carnival is about who inspires you in lolita. Well to be honest I don't really have a specific list of people that I look up to, though I have some people in my mind that are truly amazing in their own style. Some of them are my friends and the others I only know from the internet. But non the less they are amazing....

© Bee-Scuit
Her use of accessories are just mind blowing, she can add lots of items in her coord without overdoing things. It was her that made me fall in love with sweet lolita!

© FannyRosie
Don't worry, you are still in 2015 even though it might look like a flashback in time. The fact that she always use her own hair is just whoa! I wish I could do these things with my hair as well. She makes the most stylish classic coords that I know.

© Kitch
Who doesn't like Kitch? She really has her own unique style within the fashion. Using platform shoes like they where ment to be made for lolita or mix and match all the things together without beging a circus act. Her way of combining items is amazing in my eyes. 

© Josine
With every coord I see from her I fall in love over and over again. Even though it's totally not my style to wear but I have a soft spot for gothic and classic lolita. She has the ability to combine printed dresses which are totally not my thing into something wonderful and stunning. I love them so much that I something think, should I buy one for myself! Shocking right!

© Rosalynn
This lovely sweetheart needed to be in my list, not because she looks adorable in every coord. Or has amazing hair skills as well, it's always with her own hair when I see her. But mostly because she is still very close to the old school sweet lolita style. Her coords are not super OTT, but a subtle mix between the old and new. Just perfect!

© Arthael 
Shall we say, daily lolita perfection? The otome style is made for her, and I love it so much. I really like how she incorporates simple dresses into her daily life. Her coords just say simplicity. That's the way to go in your daily life.

Like I said before, the persons in this list are people that are amazing in their own style. There are some other lolita girls that I wanted to add to this list of amazing-ness but that would make this blogpost really long. 

A little spiritual reminder for you all, it's not bad to have people in your mind that you look up to in the way that they are amazing in their own style. Don't forget that you are amazing in your own style as well! 
If you want a separate post about feeling confident and other feeling that you might have about things. Please let me know!

Now go out there and have some fun with fashion!

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Photo credits:
Josine - DarkRomantica
Rosalynn - Lolita Wonderland
Arthael walkingshadow

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  1. These girls are all so pretty~! <3
    I love to read your blogs btw ^__^

  2. Thank you Milkberry, these girls are pretty indeed! Every single one of them.
    I'm glad that you love reading my blog <3


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