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vrijdag 13 februari 2015

Lolita Blog Carnival - Lolita plans for 2015

When I first opened my agenda this year in Januari there was one thing in there, PARIS!!! In exactly one week I will be going to the biggest event in Europe this year I think. At least as far as I can tell for now, it's La vie en Rose. I also have some other things on my list for this year so please keep on reading...

... Well, hello lolita friend. Welcome to this weeks blog post about my plans for 2015. Like I said in the intro part I'm going to Paris, how exciting is that? Let me tell you, it's super exciting! Paris is a city that is highly on my travel list, I've been there once before on a city trip with my parents but never on my own. Not that I will go alone this time, but hey, I'm going with my husband who hasn't been to Paris before.

I'm super nervous about this whole trip and event, mostly because I'm traveling to a country where we don't speak the language is super scary! How am I going to survive this? I don't know either.
But let me tell you a bit more about this event, since it's just so awesome!
I think you have guessed it already, it's in Paris, the city of love. Such a pretty theme for a valentine themed event. It's a two day event, well basically La vie en Rose is a one day event but there is a brand tea party on the second day. Though these spots where very limited, sadly enough I didn't got a spot for the tea party but I'm super thankful that I'm able to go anyway!

It's going to be the first time that I will go to an event of Street Fashion Europe so I'm really looking forward to it. There are going to be some amazing brands, a lot of EU based indie brands but also some Japanese brands are selling their goods at this event. I'll give you a glimp of the brands that caught my eye.

The big names of the event

Some of the amazing Indie brands

Many brands also donated awesome stuff for the raffle, there is so much to win at this event. It's just unbelievable! The program at La vie en Rose is very packed with amazing things but I really hope that I will make it in time for the opening. I'm already stressing a bit about that since we will arrive at 10:38 in Paris du Nord, and the grand opening for everyone is at 11 so we have 20 minutes to get to the venue. There are so many things that I'm worrying about at this moment. Like what will I wear on that day, I already have my main option ready for two months but I needed a back up plan since I had a surgery 4 weeks back so I can't wear all my dresses at this moment. Luckily I do have a back up plan that I'm really happy with! But in my heart I just know that I want to wear my first coord. 

The other thing on my mind about this event is what if I'm not going to meet anyone there, since most of they speak French and basically I'm not that chit chat person I think. If I must believe my friends I'm totally the opposite but we will see. It's mostly since I find it really hard to talk to strangers or random people. I will talk to my friends that's something that will happen since there are going to be so many people there that I already know! 

What I'm most excited about it that Tripple Fortune is going to sell their amazing bonnets at this event. I really hope that I can buy one! There is also a raffle for a second opportunity to buy a bonnet when they are sold out in the regular sale so I'm hoping that I will get one that day. I'm dreaming of their bonnets like crazy! This is also on my agenda, hihi, getting my hands on a 3F bonnet. They are heaven on earth in my eyes! 

Ow, there are also two fashion show! I love fashion shows. At La vie en Rose the brand fashion show is going to be with items from Tripple Fortune and Baby, the stars shine Bright. Can't wait how this is going to be! Hopefully I get a good spot so I can see everything. But there is also a fashion show with Indie brands, I'm really curious which brands are going to be in this show. 

I'm planning to make a little vlog about my day at La vie en Rose, not sure how it will turn out but I hope that I can give you a nice glimp of how amazing everything was. 
For my other plans in 2015 I want to share with you a little vlog I made with my new years resolutions. See you all in Paris!!

Ooh btw, there are still some tickets for sale. So if you want to come to this event as well you can buy your ticket here: Ticket Sale - La vie en Rose 2015

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