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zaterdag 28 februari 2015

Lolita Blog Carnival - Coordinate a dress in an unique way

This is probably the hardest challenge of the Lolita blog Carnival so far. We are challenged to come up with a coordination for a dress in a substyle but it needed to be different than it's original style. So for example a Moi Meme Moite Iron Gate dress combined with lots of pinks or other pastel colors for a Bittersweet coord. Let's see how far I can stretch my originality and my own wardrobe. 

I want to use only items from my own wardrobe to make the challenge extra hard for myself.
It took me a while to come up with a coord since I mostly have sweet themed dresses so I could go bittersweet since I have some black items as well but I tried to bring it to a next level. So I went for a sweet OTT gothic blend. 
My inspiration for this coord comes from my husbands Pirate hat, I really love the hat but it's totally not my style. I also got some inspiration from Josine, since she is the Queen when it comes to gothic coords with big hats and such. So thank you for that! 

It was really hard to find a dress that would work for this type of coord, the majority of my closet is Angelic Pretty with desserts and sweets in the print. How would I ever going to make it work. Well it took me a couple of days to come up with a coord and it was also a trial and error thing. But I think it turned out sort of pretty cool! 

Want to see some other dresses out of their comfort zone? 
Please check out these lovely blogs for inspiration.
✥ Madeline_Hatter ✥

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