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vrijdag 6 maart 2015

Lolita Blog Carinival - Favorite Lolita Hairstyles

Hairstyles within lolita are getting some big attention these days. In the current lolita community it's not the best way to go when your hair is a mess. I mean if you don't have the right hair to work with, it's mostly not tolerated by some fellow lolitas. To come without a wig or a decent hairstyle with natural unstyled hair. This sounds ridiculous but it's true, in this modern world of technology there is always someone who will find a way to see your pictures and to criticize them. Maybe these aren't the things that you wanted to read in the first place but I will guide you through it. Don't worry, I'm going to talk about natural hair options as well as some wig options to make your coords complete. 

Let's tackle our first obstacle, natural hair all the way!
Since I'm a big fan of natural hairstyles within lolita I'm very happy to write a little piece about it. I'm not the person who will go out in lolita without a wig but it's not about me this time. But I'll also tell you why I made this choice later on in this post.

So natural hairstyles, let's come up with some lolitas who rock this look.

What I notice is that they both have very thick looking hair. So it's easier to have the perfect full bangs and volume to make the hairstyle pop. It can be in an updo, twin tails, braids or just loose hair. It all works if you have thicker hair. But this doesn't mean that if you have thinner hair, you can't work with your natural hair. You only need to find a way to make the hairstyle work for your hair.

When you are sure that your natural hair isn't your go to look. Don't look further, these days you will see lots wigs at events and meetings. Not that these people hate their own hair or think that natural hair is out of place. But more because it's easy to get ready, you got instant curls, the perfect length for your coord and mostly because of the variety in hairstyles and colors. Basically the sky is the limit with wigs.

As I said in the beginnen of this post I was going to tell you about the fact why I choose to wear wigs. Well it's very simple, everything that I can accomplish with my wigs isn't possible for my natural hair. I have fairly thin and straight hair, not the best option for updo's, thick braids and overall fluffy hair what I love the most.

When it comes to my favorite hairstyle for other people I can be very short, as long as the hairstyle and coord match. Can be with accessories or the styling itself I will love it. I find that a coord needs to be finished from head to toe. For myself, you won't find me quickly with an unstyled wig. I love updo hairstyles and voluminous hair.

Well since I'm really running out of inspiration today I will end my post here. I'm going to make Frills for All post about this topic as well in the near future. So if you got any suggestions for that post you can always leave them here at my blog or at the social media's that I'm on.
They are linked in the side bar on the right!

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4 reacties:

  1. Hi Poppy!
    I was wondering, I read your article about lolita hairstyle and today I was trying to think of a hairstyle for the Little Bear's Cafe dress (by AP) and I thought frizzy buns would look super cute with it (and resemble the idea of bear ears)...but wearing a wig and all, how do you do that? The wig that I have, and will be wearing for the first time outside next week, is fine I does have enough hair but I do think (or am afraid) that if you make buns out of it, it will show some of the wig-net (you know the part where the hair is attached to) and will not be as pretty. Do you use clip-on ponytails for that or do you do something with the hair to make it mega-frizzy so the wig-net doesn't show..and do you maybe want to share any tips for that with me? ^^ I appreciate all your info, you always look so super cute with your hair..I actually though it was your real hair most of the time!

  2. Hi Petra,
    most of the times I only use the hair of the wig itself. I only have one wig wit clip ins ^_^ and I don't use that one that often.
    The important thing is to check your progress while you work on your hairstyle. Since you can adjust it along the way. Be sure to keep the hair fairly loose, so that you don't change up the wig base at the bottom. This will prevent showing your real hair and the wig base. You also need to pin down your wig very tightly before starting with your hairstyle so that I won't shift around that much. Atleast if you want to create the hairstyle on the day of the event. For the fluffing part it's a lot of teasing, be aware that you will end up with a messy wig afterwards. But you can always brush it out ;) though there is a change of damaging the fibers of your wig. Making the buns itself is pretty simple, make two high twin tails, tease the hair a bit, wrap it around in a bun and adjust where needed ^_^
    I will make a little tutorial about this hairstyle in the next week I think, but that wound't be on time for your first time wearing the wig I think. But I still hope that you will like it and maby you can use it for the next time!

  3. Ah thank you very much, I will try that for the next time indeed :)!

  4. I love natural hair with lolita as well, this post is just what I needed to read today!

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