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maandag 14 september 2015

5 steps in a creative process

Most of the times I don't make videos or photos that have a message. It's simple to talk straight forward about your favorite things in live or make photos at events or just in your back yard.
But sometimes I feel the need to let my creativity flow which ends into things that not everyone can understand. Since I look like a different person when they see it. All though in the end, I'm still the happy bubbly person that you meet in your daily life .

Writing your script

A couple of days ago I made a video about the questions that people might have or can relate too.
It all started with a simple text that I wrote on a couple of minutes before filming since the battery was charging. I wanted to make a video where I wasn't vlogging or talking about an event or a specific topic. So when I started to write the text of the video the images of the scenes became very clear to me.

The scenery needed to be emotional and light at the same time since the message that I wanted to tell wasn't all about the sad things in life. But also how to find the joy in the things you do love.

As soon as I was ready I started to record the voice over, that was so scary! I still don't know why it was so awkward, home alone and just talking to my laptop that's it.
I'm super glad that my voice wasn't as bad as it it these days since that would be so horrible I sound like an old lady...

Have fun while collecting footage

I got dressed as soon as the voice over was ready, at first I wanted to crimp my hair but as soon as I made the first section my iron broke in two pieces! Just like that!
There goes my flat/crimp iron....
So I needed to come up with a new idea for my hair I didn't wanted to make a ponytail so I sprayed some hairspray in it and off I was.

Just a couple of meters of my front door is a railway that leads towards a huge lake. This railway is still in use but only for one or two times a day and only for transporting white sand. It was the perfect setting for my video.
When I walked with my camera while wearing my wannabe ugg boots I rocked the boho look like a pro. You don't need to be fashionable when you are filming.
After a couple of hours of filming, having fun playing in the forest and with a huge rash on my legs from the grass I went back home.
It was time to upload everything to my laptop.

Music all the way

Uploading everything to my laptop takes ages, sometimes I forget how long it really takes.
But to make the pain a little lighter I tend to look for matching music for the video, this isn't something that I love to do since I always have a specific sound in my head that I need to find. And you might have guessed it already, finding the right song when you already have one in your head isn't an easy task. In my eyes the music of a video can make or brake the whole vibe that you are going for. It happens that I look at a random video and get annoyed by the song that they have chosen for the video that I just skip it. Only being honest here guys..

Though I managed to find a fine tune for this video. In the meanwhile all the footage had uploaded and the fun part of editing can start. This is so much better than looking for music in my eyes.

The power of editing

One of my favorite parts of videography is the editing, this is where everything comes to live. The whole video are just bits and pieces of the story that you want to tell. I can easy edit a video and in the end change everything up again if it doesn't match up the way that I want it to be.
This time it was important that the voice over was in sink with the footage. Some sentences needed to  start at the certain point as well that they needed to end at the right time.
It takes a lot of time to edit everything but when you have fun it is so much easier.
When I added the voice over I used some headphones since my husband didn't wanted to hear and see what I was working on. He wanted to see the whole thing when it was ready and didn't want a sneak peak or anything. So off I was in my little bubble behind my laptop.

Pure joy when uploading

Everything was ready, the music, the voice over and the video everything was so on point that I almost cried of happiness. This is really what I wanted to make and what I wanted to tell to the world. Like I said in the beginning, the creative me is different than the person that you meet in your daily life. I uploaded the video to youtube but I didn't shared it on my facebook or anywhere else. It's not that I was scared but more hesitated about the fact what people might think of me when they would see something so personal and something that is really close to me.
Even though I was super happy about it I wanted it to be something to be specific for youtube and my subscribers but a day later I decided to share it on facebook as well.
At this point I'm still smiling about my video and I really like all the responses that I get from the people.

Getting yourself out there like this is scary but life is a scary world and we need to get through it no matter what. So you could better have fun with the things that you love instead of worrying about the things you can't do.

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