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vrijdag 30 september 2016

Fall into Autumn - No spend meeting ideas.

With the first of October right around the corner and the leaves turning red, we can officially say autumn is here.
Like every season you can have your typical lolita meetings but this time I wanted to do something different. Since I'm trying to save some money to renovate the house and for a trip to either America or Japan I thought why not share some meeting ideas that doesn't cost money. You heard me right meetings without spending money. Or at least a minimal amount.

Lolita fashion is an expensive hobby we all can agree on that, though non of us have a money tree standing in our garden. But there are some ways to safe some money while enjoying this fashion and meet up with your friends.

For me a meetup doesn't need to be about fancy locations, amazing looking food or special events. The point of a meetup is that you can be together with the people that also love lolita fashion. So you can share your experiences, ideas and discuss the latests trends or your dreams about the day that you are going to visit closet child for the first time and spend all your money in one trip.

I think that a lot of meetings lost their cozy-ness, cause all I see these days are the big events and tea parties or meetings where your need to buy tickets for. But the small intimate ones are forgotten. Though what is holding us back to hang out with our friends in real life? Is it the distance where everyone lives? I know that this is a big problem for me, my best friends are living in a different country so hanging out on a monthly or even bi-monthly base isn't that easy.

But I've some ideas for your local community to bring everyone together without spending a lot of money.

As a huge nature lover myself I love going out into the forest for a walk and maybe have a little picknick if it's not to cold. Though this is not suitable for the days that it rains but on a sunny autumn day the leaves are just gorgeous and a perfect backdrop for your coord pictures.

A potluck was for me pretty unknown but after some research I can see the benefits of it. With a potluck you share your dish with everyone else. Every guest brings a dish to share with the rest so you have lots of different types of foods which is perfect for a tea party. You can make your favorite dessert, bring some of your tea and enjoy an afternoon tea without spending lots of money. Cause most of the ingredients you already have at home unless you want to be really fancy and try out a new recipe. 

Imagine, you are sitting in front of a fire place with your knitting gear, sketchpad, embroidery supplies or just with your cup of tea and chatting the day away with your lolita friends. Doesn't it sounds like the perfect day? To me it does, I love being together with friends and do some crafts. Some of us are into embroidery, knitting, hand lettering, drawing or other amazing things so why not combine them with a cup of tea or a hot chocolate and your lolita friends. Maybe you learn some new techniques as well.

This not for everyone but I really love to play board games, watch movies or anime. So for me this would be a nice way to spend a rainy day inside with my friends. When it comes to movies you have a variety of options, like Marie Antoinette - Harry Potter - Studio Ghibli - Disney - Kamikaze Girls, you name it and it is possible. For games there are some lolita related ones out there. Think of the lolita version of Monopoly and Cards against Humanity though normal board games are nice to play too. You can also make some games of your own maybe a lolita version of pin-the-tail? That can be fun too!

What are your meeting ideas and plans for this fall?
Please let me know in the comments below.

xox - Poppy

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  1. I like that you've gone for meet ideas that are free or very cheap. This is great especially for autumn when we all should start putting some money aside for Christmas (which always eats up so much money), as well as for the New Year's sales (saving up for the bargains ahead!). I'll actually be organising a meet next month and I'm hoping to make it a cheap one - basically, I'll let everyone attending know that while it's ok to get food at the place, if it serves some, the meet itself won't be focused around eating, so that nobody feels pressured into eating out if they don't want to. The rest I'll keep a secret for now though, as I'm still planning the details. ^^


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